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Upcoming Talk: Extrapolation in biomedical research (July 16th 2018)

At July 16th 2018, Dr. Tudor Baetu (University of Bristol) will give a lecture about Extrapolation in biomedical research.

It will take place at the CELLS: Otto-Brenner-Straße 1, Hannover

Biomedical research is built upon inferences transposing knowledge across systems–be it across species, between an experimental system and another, or from controlled clinical studies to routine healthcare contexts. While the notion of extrapolation received increasing attention in the recent philosophical literature, extrapolative inferences having distinct epistemic aims are often conflated together, thus making it difficult to assess the validity of such inferences. In this paper, I focus on epistemological challenges associated with the validation of statistical and similarity-based extrapolations in basic science and pre-clinical research, as well as their broader methodological and ethical implications.