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Individual Projects

The Effects of Personalised Medicine on the EU Regulatory Framework for Rare Diseases Research and Drug Development: A Qualitative Approach

Jasjote Grewal 

This PhD thesis intends to examine the effects of personalised medicine (PM) on the EU regulatory framework for rare diseases research and orphan drug development. Following an analysis of the current legislative landscape, an evidence-based approach will be adopted in the form of expert interviews in order to identify regulatory deficits that will be triggered by the transition to PM. Alternative approaches to regulating rare diseases research and orphan drug development in an era of PM will then be proposed on the basis of data obtained.

Duration: 2014 – 2018

New Relevant Ethical Aspects Regarding Stem Cell Research And The Creation Of Chimeras

Koko Kwisda

This PhD project is concerned with human-animal chimera research and the bioethical debate surrounding it. The research focuses on the philosophical analysis and systematisation of arguments against chimera research in the bioethical literature.
Therefore, a systematic review of ethical arguments regarding chimera research will be conducted. This review will examine what arguments are presented and will analyse them on three levels: arguments that are only mentioned, arguments that are considered invalid and, finally, genuine arguments or arguments that are considered valid. On the basis of this, further arguments will be evaluated that are considered to be particularly valid or useful.

Duration: 2013 – 2018


Geraldine Wagner & Simon Lohse

This investigation attempts to explore current ELSI research to better understand its main characteristics and its consequences for scientific knowledge production. The core of this project is an empirical study of interdisciplinary research practices in the context of animal-related research in biomedicine (such as xenotransplanation and chimera research). Based on an analysis of the collaboration of ethicists and lawyers with scientists in large biomedical research projects, it aims to identify epistemological and sociological challenges and best practices in terms of socially responsible science.

Duration: 2016 – 2020


Book Project: „Die Philosophien der Einzelwissenschaften“ [The Philosophies of the Special Sciences]

Simon Lohse & Thomas Reydon (Editors)

This German-language volume will consist of original chapters on the theoretical philosophies of the special sciences written by leading experts in the field. The volume aims at a comprehensive picture of the state of the art of contemporary debates in the philosophies of the special sciences, including such disciplines as philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of biology, philosophy of climate science, philosophy of cognitive science, philosophy of sociology and philosophy of linguistics. The anthology is under contract with Felix Meiner.

Duration: 2013 – 2016