Winter Speaker Series

Winter Speaker Series

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(Techno)Science Beyond the Nation-State

Science and technology, both in history and still today, are often deeply entangled with nationalist projects, aiding in the consolidation of power and providing the means for acts of violence. How can we effectively understand and critique these relationships, while also re-imagining a more just role for science and technology in society and even on a global scale? The 2022 Winter Speakers Series brought scholars, writers, and thinkers together. They spoke about to the double meaning implied by “beyond the nation-state”, inviting critiques of particular nationalisms while also cultivating ways of thinking across or despite borders, connecting across disparate communities, and mobilizing international solidarities.

Nächster Vortrag

Zur Zeit gibt es keine Veranstaltungen

Die nächste Winter Speaker Series wird in der zweiten Jahreshälfte 2023 angekündigt.