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CELLS Research Group

E2LSI Group

This interdisciplinary research group focuses on epistemological, ethical, legal and social issues (E2LSI) of research in the life sciences with a strong focus on animal-related research in biomedicine. It primarily addresses questions where ethical/regulatory and epistemological aspects are intertwined, e.g. in the contexts of chimera and xenotransplantation research, animal experimentation and the validation of alternatives to animal experimentation. The research group aims at integrating theoretical and practical elements in two respects: first, by combining insights and methods from philosophy of science, and science studies (including socio-legal studies) with normative bioethics, and second, by paying detailed attention to actual biomedical practices against the backdrop of theoretical discourse in philosophy, law and social science. The group is currently involved in these third party funded projects:

Group members

For further information please get in touch: e2lsicells.uni-hannover.de