Institute Objectives

Improving Technoscience in Society - CELLS projects and members address the role in which science and technology, especially those linked to the life sciences, impact human life. This aim entails a normative approach to research, explicitly responding to the fundamental concerns of collective human existence including the nature of truth, personhood, justice, the good, and our place in the natural world. In doing so, CELLS projects and members avoid ideal theory and rigorously account for the historical and ongoing effects of power in any given context or intellectual debate.

Building Interdisciplinarity - CELLS projects and members are not restricted to any one discipline (although they may be published as such) and build capacity for interaction not only between law, philosophy, sociology, and adjacent fields, but also with STEM practitioners.

Operationalizing Justice - CELLS endeavors to continually improve institutional, material, and cultural conditions for justice in its own operations and engages in advocacy in broader university and societal contexts. CELLS also actively seeks to train and include cultural and socioeconomic groups that have been historically excluded from higher education and research practice.