CELLS at LUH consolidates expertise, personnel and financial resources of ongoing research projects on questions of ethics and law in the life sciences at LUH. It aims at developing and conducting additional international research projects. Ongoing research is currently being funded by the EU, the NIH, the DFG, the BMBF and the MWK. CELLS at LUH cooperates with a number of internationally renowned research centres.


Curricula on ethical and legal aspects of the life sciences are currently being developed for a range of different target groups. It is a medium-term goal to provide certified courses for students and researchers at universities in Hannover and the region as well as for external institutions and for professional development purposes.


CELLS at LUH aims to provide ethical and legal expertise and support to institutions at both MHH and LUH. This is of particular relevance in the context of funding applications which require a detailed and carefully drafted ethical and regulatory part. The expertise of the fellows is also available to the entire range of biomedical and biotechnological research units in Hannover.

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