Dr. Simon Lohse

Dr. Simon Lohse
Dr. Simon Lohse

Simon Lohse(PGP) is a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for the History of Medicine and Science Studies at the University of Lübeck and a guest researcher at the E2LSI group at CELLS. He studied sociology, educational science, political science and philosophy in Hannover and holds a PhD in philosophy of science. Simon’s current research focuses on epistemic pluralism in the social and health sciences and on questions at the junction of philosophy of science, bioethics and STS in the context of biomedicine.

PI in third party funded projects:

  • Improving Interdisciplinary Knowledge Integration in Public Health Crisis Management (funded by the VW Foundation)
  • From Epistemic Foundations to Legal Frameworks: Mechanisms in the Regulation of Non-animal Methods (part of the scientific network R2N - 'Reduce' and 'Replace' in Lower Saxony, funded by the regional Ministry of Science and Culture)


  • (empirical) philosophy and ELSI of biomedicine
  • philosophy of the social sciences
  • general philosophy of science (focus: reductionism, meta-philosophy/ methodology)
  • social philosophy/ social ontology
  • philosophy and ethics of public health  


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