Dr. Simon Lohse

Dr. Simon Lohse
Dr. Simon Lohse

Simon Lohse(PGP) is a postdoc at CELLS and a member of the Centre for Ethics and Philosophy of Science (former ZEWW) at the Institute of Philosophy. He studied sociology, educational science, political science and philosophy in Hannover. During Michaelmas Term 2013 Simon has been a visitor at the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science at the LSE. He holds a PhD in philosophy of science (based on a thesis on anti-reductionism in the social sciences).

Simon is founder and speaker of the E2LSI Group at CELLS, a co-founder of the LUH reading group on the philosophy of scientific practice, and an elected member of the Committee for Responsibility in Research at LUH. He is primarily interested in epistemic dissent in pluralistic scientific communities (in the social and life sciences) and in questions at the junction of philosophy of science, bioethics and STS in the context of animal-based research in the life sciences.

Third party funded projects:


  • philosophy and ethics of biomedicine/ELSI research (focus: animal-based research/alternative technologies)
  • general philosophy of science (focus: reductionism, meta-philosophy/methodology)
  • philosophy of the social sciences
  • theoretical social philosophy/social ontology

TEACHING (IN 2019/20)


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