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Harvard STS-Stipendiat wird Teil vom CELLS

Harvard STS Scholar to Join CELLS

The Centre for Ethics and Law in the Life Sciences at the University of Hannover is pleased to welcome Dr Matthew Sample, who will join as the University’s Professor for Responsible Research and Innovation. Matthew is currently a senior research fellow at the Program on Science, Technology and Society (Harvard Kennedy School of Government), working on societal aspects of human genome editing and the intersection of technoscience and democracy.

Matthew has previously led research on neural engineering and personhood, the political dimensions of neuroethics, pragmatism in AI ethics, and the moral considerability of multicellular engineered living systems. He completed undergraduate degrees in biology and philosophy at the University of Arkansas, an MPhil in History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science at the University of Cambridge, and a PhD in philosophy at the University of Washington. Matthew joins CELLS in 2021 to develop the University’s programme in Responsible Research and Innovation and to further strengthen the research area of Wissenschaftsreflexion.