ELSA-GEA - Ethical, Legal and Socio-economic Aspects of Genome Editing in Agriculture

Sponsor: BMBF
2016 - 2019 
Coordinator: Matthias Arlt (MPI für molekulare Pflanzenphysiologie Potsdam)
CELLS contributors: Thomas Reydon; Nils Hoppe; Jürgen Robienski
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The aim of the collaborative project "ELSA-GEA" is to examine ethical, legal, socio-economic and communicative aspects as well as to assess risks tied to applications of genome editing as a new technology for crop and livestock breeding. Our project involves a close collaboration between scientists, ethicists, socio-economists and lawyers. The results of the network are published for different target groups in order to enable a broad social dialogue among citizens on the one hand, and to present decision-makers with options for regulatory or legislative action on the other.

Check out our public outreach web page: www.dialog-gea.de (German-language only)

Besuchen Sie unser interaktives Projektportal unter: www.dialog-gea.de


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Nils Hoppe