Tea Time Talks

Tea Time Talks

CELLS Tea Time Talks are given by visiting scholars and invited speakers from around the world in a semi-casual and relaxed setting. Common topics revolve around ethical, legal and social issues (ELSI) in the life sciences, as well as public health and history, philosophy and sociology of the life sciences. The talks are open to the public and free to attend. Tea and biscuits will of course be served.


To be announced


Dr. Robert Ranisch

Erste »CRISPR-Babys« in China. Ethische Fragen der Keimbahnintervention

May 2019

Prof. Peter Kunzmann

Zwischen Tieren und Menschen

June 2018

Dr. Sophia Efstathiou

Explicating Ethics: The Case of Animal Research

Oktober 2015

Eric Meslin, PhD

The Once and Future Role of Science Advice to Government

Febuary 2015