Martin Wasmer

Martin Wasmer
Guest Researcher
Martin Wasmer
Guest Researcher

Martin Wasmer has a Master of Science in Biology and a Master of Arts in History and Philosophy of Knowledge from the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich respectively. In the past years, he collaborated in various projects in biology, science policy and ethics as well as history and philosophy of science.

Martin is a research fellow at CELLS and a PhD student at the chair of philosophy of biology (Prof. Thomas Reydon) at Leibniz University. He works on legal and ethical aspects of genome editing, and more specifically on integrating ontological considerations from biological practice into the legal analysis of green biotechnology within the BMBF research project Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects of Genome Editing in Agriculture (ELSA-GEA).

He also works on integrating epistemology and ethics with regulatory/policy considerations in translational biomedicine, in particular issues of xenotransplantation, in the ambit of the research project REBIRTH.

Main Areas of Research

  • Legal and ethical aspects of genome editing
  • Ontological choices in practice and ontology of artificial kinds
  • General philosophy of science and history of science
  • philosophy of scientific practice

Publications (Selection)

Lohse, S., Wasmer, M., & Reydon, T. A. C. (2020). Integrating Philosophy of Science into Research on Ethical, Legal and Social Issues in the Life Sciences. Perspectives on Science, 28(6), 700–736.

Wasmer, M. (2019). Roads Forward for European GMO Policy - Uncertainties in Wake of ECJ Judgment Have to be Mitigated by Regulatory Reform. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology7(132), 1–12.

Wasmer, M. S. (2019). Biological Individuality and Other Issues in Contemporary Philosophy of Biology (15 September 2018, University of Salzburg, Austria). Journal for General Philosophy of

Wasmer, M., & Robienski, J. (2018). Which organisms and technologies fall under the mutagenesis exemption of the European GMO-Directive? Journal of Consumer Protection and Food Safety13(3), 323–327.

Robienski J. and Wasmer M. 2018: “Products of site-directed mutagenesis are not GMOs according to Art. 3 and Appendix I B of the European Directive 2001/18/EC” Journal of Consumer Protection and Food Safety13(2), 135-138  [Online first: 11 Jan 2018].

Hoffer, T., Jäggi, J., Kerl, H.-J., Knook, J., Lambregts, C., van Malsen, G., … Wasmer, M. (2014). Science and the Wealth of Nations. Europe’s One Billion Euros Science Projects: Anomalies or the Future of Science? Nijmegen (Netherlands): Radboud University, Radboud Honours Academy, Reflections on Science 2013-2014.


More publications can be found e.g. on Scopus. My ORCID is: 0000-0002-1757-3898