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Individual Projects

PhD: New Relevant Ethical Aspects Regarding Stem Cell Research And The Creation Of Chimeras

Koko Kwisda

This PhD project is concerned with human-animal chimera research and the bioethical debate surrounding it. The research focuses on the philosophical analysis and systematisation of arguments against chimera research in the bioethical literature.
Therefore, a systematic review of ethical arguments regarding chimera research will be conducted. This review will examine what arguments are presented and will analyse them on three levels: arguments that are only mentioned, arguments that are considered invalid and, finally, genuine arguments or arguments that are considered valid. On the basis of this, further arguments will be evaluated that are considered to be particularly valid or useful.

Duration: 2013-2018

Common Misconceptions about Animal Experimentation

Simon Lohse, Rebecca Knab & Alexander Frick

This project addresses common but problematic assumptions concerning biomedical animal experimentation that are held by proponents and opponents of this research practice respectively. Its main aim is to debunk these assumptions by showing that they are grounded in an overly simplified picture of scientific practice (including its regulation), unjustified generalisations, and/or the downplaying of uncertainties. To achieve this aim, the project integrates ELSI research and a philosophy-of-science-in-practice approach.

Duration 2017-2019

Legal Issues of Genome Editing in Plants and Animals

Jürgen Robienski & Martin Wasmer

This project evaluates the current national and European legal situation regarding new genome editing technologies (GE). The central question of the project is whether GE should be considered as an instance of the category of genetic modification technologies (legally framed by European Directives 2001/18/EC, 2009/41/EC, or the German GenTG), of the category of traditional breeding techniques (legally framed by various agricultural laws and food-standard laws), or of a sui generis category of new genome editing technologies.
Conceptual ontological work will be done on the categories of Genetic modification, Genetically modified organisms, GE and Genome Edited Organisms, in order to provide an in-depth analysis as base for legal classification. Additional topics that are addressed in this project are biosecurity, biosafety, relevant fundamental rights and consumer protection, with regard to the proposed classification of GE.

Duration: 2017-2020


Book Project: „Die Philosophien der Einzelwissenschaften“ [The Philosophies of the Special Sciences]

Simon Lohse & Thomas Reydon (Editors)

This German-language volume will consist of original chapters on the theoretical philosophies of the special sciences written by leading experts in the field. The volume aims at a comprehensive picture of the state of the art of contemporary debates in the philosophies of the special sciences, including such disciplines as philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of biology, philosophy of climate science, philosophy of cognitive science, philosophy of sociology and philosophy of linguistics. The anthology is under contract with Felix Meiner.

Duration: 2013-2016