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Simon Lohse, Dipl.-Päd., M.A. (Hannover)

Simon Lohse is a research fellow at CELLS and a member of the Centre for Ethics and Philosophy of Science (former ZEWW). He is currently completing his PhD in philosophy of the social sciences, focusing on the individualism/ holism debate. At CELLS, Simon works on questions at the junction of philosophy of science, bioethics and science studies in the context of biomedical research.

Simon studied sociology and educational science (Diplom in 2008), and he holds a combined undergraduate/ graduate degree in philosophy (Magister Artium in 2010) from Leibniz Universitaet Hannover (LUH). During Michaelmas Term 2013, he has been a visitor at the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science, LSE (London).

Simon is speaker of the E2LSI of Animal Research Group at CELLS and an elected member of the Committee for Responsibility in Research at LUH.

Contact Information

E-Mail: simon.lohsecells.uni-hannover.de     [public PGP key]
Tel.: +49 511 762 4799
Fax: +49 511 762 14146
Room 436

CELLS – Centre for Ethics and Law in the Life Sciences
Leibniz Universitaet Hannover
Am Klagesmarkt 14-17
30159 Hannover

Office hours: by appointment

Main Areas of Research & Teaching

  • philosophy of the social sciences
  • philosophy and ethics of biomedicine
  • general philosophy of science
  • social philosophy
  • doing philosophy (metaphilosophy, writing, interdisciplinarity)

Publications (Selection)

  • Lohse, S. 2011. „Zur Emergenz des Sozialen bei Niklas Luhmann“, Zeitschrift für Soziologie 40, 190-207.
  • Hoyningen-Huene, P. & Lohse, S. 2012. „Die Kuhn´sche Wende”, Handbuch Wissenschaftssoziologie, ed. Maasen, S. et al. Wiesbaden: Springer VS, 73-84.
  • Hoyningen-Huene, P. & Lohse, S. 2013. “Kuhn on Scientific Revolutions and Incommensurability”, Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Social Sciences, ed. Kaldis, B. Thousand Oaks [a.o.]: SAGE, 524-528.
  • Lohse, S. & Grewal, J. 2015: “Book review: Governing Biobanks: Understanding the Interplay Between Law and Practice’“, SCRIPTed 12:1, 70-74. Online: script-ed.org
  • Lohse, S. 2017. "Pragmatism, Ontology, and Philosophy of the Social Sciences in Practice", Philosophy of the Social Sciences 47:1, 3-27 (First published June  2016. Here you can download the pre-print version).
  • Lohse, S. & Greve, J. 2017. “Philosophie der Soziologie”, Grundriss  Wissenschaftsphilosophie: Die Philosophien der Einzelwissenschaften, ed. Lohse, S. & Reydon, T. Hamburg: Meiner: 543-582.
  • Lohse, S. & Reydon, T. (ed.) 2017. Grundriss Wissenschaftsphilosophie: Die Philosophien der Einzelwissenschaften, with an introduction. Hamburg: Meiner.
  • Lohse, S. 2017. Die Multiparadigmatik der Soziologie als Erklärungsgegenstand einer integrierten Wissenschaftsforschung. Zeitschrift für theoretische Soziologie 6 (accepted)