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Synthese Special Issue “Systematicity - The Nature of Science”

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Simon Lohse (Hannover), Karim Bschir (Zurich) and Hasok Chang (Cambridge) are guest-editors of a special issue of Synthese. The main goals of this special issue are to provide a forum for the discussion of Paul Hoyningen-Huene’s book Systematicity: The Nature of Science (OUP, 2013) and to advance the discussion revolving around the nature of science more broadly.

The special issue will appear in 2018 and include the following papers:

(links refer to online-first publications)

1. Karim Bschir, Simon Lohse & Hasok Chang
Introduction: Systematicity. The nature of science?

2. Chrys Mantzavinos
The nature of science. A dialogue

3. Sara Green
Science and common sense: perspectives from philosophy and science education

4. Brad Wray
Systematicity and the Continuity Thesis

5. Timothy Lyons
Systematicity theory meets Socratic scientific realism: the systematic quest for truth

6. Alexander Bird
Systematicity, knowledge, and bias. How systematicity made clinical medicine a science“ (open access)

7. Naomi Oreskes
Systematicity is necessary but not sufficient: on the problem of facsimile science

8. Paul Hoyningen-Huene