Publications of Prof. Dr. Nils Hoppe

International Scientific Journal Paper, peer-reviewed

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    DOI: 10.1038/s41587-021-01151-8
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International Scientific Journal Paper, not peer-reviewed

  • Hoppe, N., & Rensten, K. (2015): Mitochondrial DonationFamily Law Week, (Online) 17 Feb 2015 More Info

Books, Monographs

  • Lanzerath, D., Illig, T., & Hoppe, N. (2019): HumanbiobankenEthik in den Biowissenschaften, Band 19 . Verlag Karl Alber. Freiburg. München
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  • Hoppe, N. (2009): Bioequity - Property and the Human BodyAshgate Publishing Ltd. 200 S.
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Book Chapters / Encyclopedia Entries

  • Hoppe, N., Lorenz, M. C., & Teller, J. (2022): Transplantation of Human Brain Organoids into Animals: Fundamental Ethical and Legal AspectsIn: Brain Organoids in Research and Therapy. Emerging Ethical and Legal Issues Springer. Cham
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  • Hoppe, N. (2011): Medical Ethics and Patient SafetyIn: Patient Safety – Law, Policy and Practice, edited by John Tingle and Pippa Bark, 54–63. London: Routledge More Info
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National Scientific Journal Paper, peer-reviewed

  • Hoppe, N. (2018): Die Widerspruchslösung in der Organspende: Warum eine alte Fragestellung ihre Aktualität nicht verliertTransfusionsmedizin, 8(4), 238-241. Georg Thieme Verlag. Stuttgart. New York
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  • Hoppe, N. (1991): Cui bono? Eigentum am eigenen Körper in der internationalen juristischen DiskussionBerliner Debatte Initial, 21(4), 19-27.

Conference Volume

  • (2011): The ethical and legal regulation of human tissue and biobank research in EuropeUniversitätsverlag Göttingen. More Info