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In many human practices, from fiction-writing to law, the choice to center biological narratives is also a choice to shape who we are, defining the boundaries of human and non-human, of the self and other. But what values and visions of the good are implicated therein and how do they shape our rights and responsibilities in society, for better or worse? The 2022 CELLS Summer School will tackle these questions specifically from the perspectives of political philosophy, law, literature, and culture. The course will integrate sociological and normative disciplinary perspectives on a range of topics, including genetics, the body, and identity, biotechnology (e.g. CRISPR-Cas9) and inequality, as well as the classification of new biological objects (e.g. organoids, chimeras), among others.

Details and Eligibility

Graduate students and postdocs at LUH and from other universities are eligible to participate. A remote option will be offered, with most activities taking place during the day Central European Time. The summer school is offered without any additional fees, but is unable to provide travel support for participants (remote participation encouraged as an alternative).

Depending on the state of the COVID-19 pandemic and local regulations, the course will be offered either as a hybrid in-person+online format or (if necessary) online only.

Application Requirements

To enroll in this course, please send the following materials to by April 30

  • Statement of interest (<500 words). Please explain your goals in taking this course (e.g. course credit, writing/skill development, furthering topic area interests) and (important) describe any prior experience reading theory, whether legal, social, literary, or philosophical.

  • Include whether you intend to take the course online or in-person.
  • C.V.

In addition to the above application, students within LUH can obtain formal credit for this course by registering on StudIP (course ID #352662). Degree compatibility can be discussed in advance. Confirmations of acceptance into the course will be sent in early May.