Aktuelle Forschung am Centre for Ethics and Law in the Life Sciences


Managing Performative Science (MAPS)

Förderer: European Research Council (ERC)/Europäische Union (Horizon Europe)
Dauer: 2024 - 2029
Koordination: Prof. Dr. Philippe van Basshuysen

CELLS Mitwirkende: Prof. Dr. Philippe van Basshuysen
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PREFERABLE II - Personalised Exercise-Oncology for improvement of supportive care: a super umbrella trial to demonstrate (cost)effectiveness of live-remote exercise in cancer survivors

Förderer: Europäische Union (Horizon Europe)
Dauer: 2022 - 2027
Koordination: Prof. Dr. Anne May (UMC Utrecht)
CELLS Mitwirkende: Maria Lorenz; Nils Hoppe
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SFB/Transregio 127 - Biology of Xenogeneic Cell and Organ Transplantation: From Bench to Bedside

Förderer: DFG
Dauer: 2016 - 2024
Koodination: Eckhard Wolf (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)
CELLS Mitwirkende: Nils Hoppe; Thomas Reydon
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